South of the Strzelecki Ranges – Cheryl Glowery

This book looks at the interplay between people, land and sea. South of the Strzelecki Ranges is the story of the South Gippsland coast and the people whose lives were intertwined with the sea, rivers and swamps of Corner Inlet. The Brataualung of the Gunai Kurnai, the traditional custodians of the coastal lands of the inlet, lived in this rich estuarine landscape on the fringe of the great forests.

South of the Strzelecki traces the story of a changing landscape and marine environment as new settlers overcame the challenges of weather, shallow waters, forests and wetlands to build European farming and fishing industries. As the millennium arrived, conflicts over marine conservation and renewable energy forged a new identity for the local communities of Corner Inlet.

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27. November 2018 by Howard
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